[FFmpeg-user] Possible? - Convert ProRes to h.264 using GPU on MacOS Mojave

Harvey Pikelberger communque at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 23:55:07 EET 2019

1 - Is it possible to convert ProRes files to h.264 using FFmpeg using GPU on MacOS Mojave?
2 - Is it worth doing?

A quick survey of forums gives a lot of contradictory answers.
- Can't be done using Mac OS
- Could be done using Mac OS prior to Mojave, but now no longer possible.
- Can be done, but the quality is lower
- Can be done but there is no boost in speed.

So far I haven't found a solution that can use GPU, with quality as high as CPU, at a higher speed.

Right now, starting with 3840x2160 ProRes files converting to h.264, I'm getting 7.4fps.
Would love to find a way to speed that up.

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