[FFmpeg-user] Why was patch declined: Modified force_key_frames option to accept frame numbers?

Nick vincent at systemli.org
Sun Feb 17 03:37:38 EET 2019

>>> I think scene cut detection is different using different resolutions.
>>> If I turn off the detection I can align the segmentation using key_frames.
> I calculated the I-Frame positions from a already segmented video with a
> different resolution.
> When I disabled scenedetection and placed them manually while encoding
> using force_key_frame it worked!
> BUT, I miss 8 I-Frames because they are not packed into seperate chunks.
> If I now insert all I-Frames (obtained from the video with different
> resolution), the alignment is displaced again. :(
> Is there a way to select the I-Frame where the video gets split into chunks?
> Is there a limit for the minimum filesize for a chunk?
> Can I split on each I-frame?
> So obtain +8 video chunks?
> Thanks for your help. :)

If I manually place the I-frames in the video with the "different
resolution" I get the different alignment too...
So both are aligned again. :)

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