[FFmpeg-user] Why was patch declined: Modified force_key_frames option to accept frame numbers?

Nick vincent at systemli.org
Sun Feb 17 04:14:26 EET 2019

>> If I now insert all I-Frames (obtained from the video with different
>> resolution), the alignment is displaced again. :(
> When you say you insert I-frames, you mean you are forcing keyframes right? Are you also telling the segmenter to split at those timestamps?
Is there a way to tell ffmpeg to split at those timestamps?

>> Is there a way to select the I-Frame where the video gets split into chunks?
> Depends on the muxer you are using.

I'm using dash muxer.

>> Is there a limit for the minimum filesize for a chunk?
> Probably, depends on the format.


>> Can I split on each I-frame?
> You can split anywhere, but the results might not be very useful depending on what you plan to do with it.
I think if I insert a keyframe, ffmpeg splits it there... Inserting 220
key frames results in 220 segments. ^^

Thanks a lot :)

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