[FFmpeg-user] How to copy all of 5 audio streams to mp4 file

Ted Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 23:31:44 EET 2019

> I guess you mean the files named "pic.srtx". But what should I do with
> them? The content looks like:
> 1
> 00:00:31,160 --> 00:00:34,429
> /media/Sicherung/Filme/VLuN/dvdrip/tmp/subtitles/002-C001/00/pic0001.pgm.txt

Those look like srt.. Maybe it is doing OCR on the vobsubs and producing text files? I haven’t seen “srtx” files but it must be some variant that has references to the subtitle text instead of the actual text. Try to convert it to regular srt, and ffmpeg can convert it into a compatible format for mp4.

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