[FFmpeg-user] Growing file processing

g.cemeli at woody-technologies.com g.cemeli at woody-technologies.com
Tue Feb 26 12:00:40 EET 2019


Is there a way to transcode growing files with fmmpeg ?

Here are the tests I did, with 2 instances of ffmpeg running 
simultaneously :

1 - Growing file generation faster than processing
ffmpeg.exe -i input.mxf -c copy growing.mxf
ffmpeg.exe -i growing.mxf output.mkv
> Everything is OK.

2 - Growing file generation slower than processing
ffmpeg.exe -i input.mxf growing.mkv
ffmpeg.exe -i growing.mkv -c copy output.mkv
> ffmpeg stops when it reaches the current end of the growing file.

Any way to avoid this behavior ?

Note : The growing file can be produced by ffmpeg but also by any other 


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