[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg dll compilation issue after adding a function.

Nidhisha K nidhisha.k at vvdntech.in
Fri Jan 4 12:07:57 EET 2019

Hi all.

I have added a function in libavcodev/utils.c and called that function from
libavformat/utils.c(where it is defined). I have declared function
libavcode/avcodec.h also.

But I am not able to compile the dlls. avcodec-57 dll is compling. but
avformat-57.dll it is not compiling. it is showing error like :

LD libavcodec/avcodec-57.dll
sed -e "s/ @[^ ]*//" libavcodec/avcodec-57.orig.def >
-m i386 -d libavcodec/avcodec-57.def -l libavcodec/avcodec.lib -D
LD libavformat/avformat-57.dll
libavformat/utils.o:utils.c:(.text+0x138fb): undefined reference to
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
ffbuild/library.mak:102: recipe for target 'libavformat/avformat-57.dll'
make: *** [libavformat/avformat-57.dll] Error

So, could you please tell me how to compile avformat-57.dll and
avcodec-57.dll after adding a custom function? I am cross compiling ffmpeg
for windows.

With regards,

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