[FFmpeg-user] Query

Hari Babu Muga haribabu.muga at quantiphi.com
Tue Jan 8 11:15:29 EET 2019


My name is Hari Babu Muga. I am Machine Learning engineer at Quantiphi
Analytics. I am using ffmpeg for resizing and extracting the frames from
the videos. In this process I got some queries about the process logic of

When I read a video for knowing the total number of frames present in it,
ffmpeg gives me 'x' count but when I actually extracted the frames using
ffmpeg, it gave me 'x+3' frames. and the additional number of frames that
are coming are variable with respect to the format of the video. Kindly
tell me why this is happening.

If ffmpeg is creating duplicate frames while extracting frames from video,
please tell me whether its creating duplicate frames at random time stamps
or at the end of the video.


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