[FFmpeg-user] Max rtbufsize Via dshow

Gabriel Balaich roderrooder at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 23:42:31 EET 2019

So I kinda shelved this issue as I had others to resolve, but since then
I've fixed all but 2 of my issues, this being one of them.

I worry less about dropping frames when ending a recording, however it is
fairly obtrusive in both the console and the resulting file to drop /
duplicate 100 frames from the get go. As far as I can tell this is
happening solely because max rtbufsize is limited by it's INT32 container,
if the buffer was larger rather than dropping frames at the beginning I'd
theoretically just be transcoding under real time for a few seconds while
the GPU catches up.

Looking at the source code I can see the rtbufsize option inside the
"option_table.h" file:
[image: image.png]

It seems that a single variable, "AV_OPT_TYPE_INT", is being passed to many
of the options including this one, but there is also an "AV_OPT_TYPE_INT64"
being passed to others in proximity.

Would fixing the issue be as simple as passing rtbufsize AV_OPT_TYPE_INT64
instead of AV_OPT_TYPE_INT?

Apologies if this isn't the best place to ask about this, I'm not the most
experienced when it comes to working with code, and I definitely don't
understand the process of proposing such a change for official builds.

In the end, I think users could benefit from rtbufsize being stored in a
larger container.

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