[FFmpeg-user] Max rtbufsize Via dshow

Gabriel Balaich roderrooder at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 02:53:28 EET 2019

> What happens at this point?
> Do the messages stop or does the system continue to drop frames?

That's the end of the recording about a second after I hit q to quit, so
everything subsides as the process has ended.

What happens in-between? Do the drops stop at some point?

The sources are live, the first few frame drops occur before the recording
starts, or at least before the summary line starts to show and then they
stop until I decide to end the recording by pressing Q to quit (Ctrl+C
heeds same results).

I paste my command in terminal and hit enter >
Text flies across console, several frame drops can be spotted due to
"rtbufsize" overfilling >
console settles down revealing summary line (fps, time, speed etc.), speed
is around .5x (frame dropping has subsided at his point) >
About a minute in speed is around 1x >
I hit [q] to end the recording >
Frame drop warnings fly across the console due to "rtbufsize" overfilling >
Recording has ended all feedback is silenced

Ignore the variable, patch the dropping away in shall_we_drop() in
> libavdevice/dshow.c

I'll try to look at that and see if I can understand what you mean.

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