[FFmpeg-user] FFmpeg is shutting down when concating segmented files and outputting to UDP

Sagar Lakhani lakhani.sagar at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 06:37:59 EET 2019

I am new to this community, i have used ffmpeg in my server in which i have
live streams and i am segmenting them and then storing after a while i
concat the segmented files and then output these to udp.
Firstly i got a problem of open file limit which i had solved but then
again i got a problem in which the ffmpeg shut down automatically in 2-3
days, time is not random. I am using xeon processor with 16 gb ram, ffmpeg
version 3.4. earlier i have noticed that cpu utility increases but exactly
don't knw the reason. i have also generated the log file with -report
option but these log files are generated in order of 100s of gbs but i have
managed to grab some end file lines and there is no error message before
quitting, i also tried hardware accel qsv but i am still getting same
problem. i have doubt that this is bug in ffmpeg. Please help me with
solving this issue.


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