[FFmpeg-user] ffplay on second monitor

Mark Leman mark at leman.net
Thu Jan 17 12:51:35 EET 2019

On 17/01/2019 00:11, Mark Leman wrote:
> Try also with mpv.
>>> Thanks for that idea, I had a quick look at mpv with the following:
>>> mpv.exe "test_vid_1280x720.mp4" --osc=no --screen=2 --no-border
>>> --geometry=800x600 --panscan=1
>>> However I don't know how to get mpv to take the directshow video 
>>> input I
>>> need?
>> It should be available via: mpv "av://dshow:vMix Video"
> Thanks for the suggestion, I got the following error when I tried it:
> mpv "av://dshow:vMix Video"
> Playing: av://dshow:vMix Video

Quoting Paul B Mahol <onemda at gmail.com>:
 >Ah, you need something like this:
 >mpv av://dshow:video="vMix Video"

Thank you for you patient help, that worked :-)
To reduce the buffering lag I added --profile=low-latency which appears 
to help.

So my final command to grab the 16:9 direct show video stream "vMix 
Video", crop to down to 4:3, scale to 800x600 and then show it, full 
screen on a monitor of my choice is.....

mpv  av://dshow:video="vMix Video" --osc=no  --no-border 
--geometry=800x600 --panscan=1 --profile=low-latency --screen=2

I would still like to see ffplay have the equivelient command line 
option to '--screen=1'

Mark Leman

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