[FFmpeg-user] ffplay on second monitor

Mark Leman mark at leman.net
Fri Jan 18 15:17:56 EET 2019

On 17 January 2019 19:33:35 GMT, Carl Eugen Hoyos <ceffmpeg at gmail.com> wrote:
>2019-01-17 11:51 GMT+01:00, Mark Leman <mark at leman.net>:
>> mpv  av://dshow:video="vMix Video" --osc=no  --no-border
>> --geometry=800x600 --panscan=1 --profile=low-latency --screen=2
>> I would still like to see ffplay have the equivelient command line
>> option to '--screen=1'
>Wouldn't this be an SDL environment variable being set?
>Carl Eugen
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Personally I would like a command line option, but as I am the one requesting it and don't have the skills to implement it myself it's a case if 'beggers can't be choosers'

Mark Leman

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