[FFmpeg-user] Can I Batch Encode with ffmpeg on Mac?

Lou Logan lou at lrcd.com
Sat Jan 19 01:32:04 EET 2019

On Fri, Jan 18, 2019, at 2:10 PM, Mark Scott wrote:
> Hello,
> First off, I need to say that I'm very new to ffmpeg. I do not have
> much experience with writing command lines or scripts so please excuse
> me if I don't understand the terminology. I have figured out how to
> encode uncompressed .mov files to cut off the first few seconds of the
> video, and convert it to ProRes codec. Is there a way to automate the
> process to batch encode several files at once? I'm using an iMac with
> OS X El Capitan. Here is the command line that I use in terminal.
> ffmpeg -ss 6 -i "title".mov -vcodec prores -acodec pcm_s24le "title_Prores".mov

That's more of a shell scripting question, but anyway:

mkdir outputs
for f in *.mov; do ffmpeg -ss 6 -i "$f" -c:v prores -c:a pcm_s24le "outputs/${f%.*}_Prores.mov"; done

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