[FFmpeg-user] Need to Make ProRes HQ video file with 5.1 audio using ffmpeg

Mark Scott mark_scott at charlietango.com
Tue Jan 22 02:12:56 EET 2019

I'm having trouble understanding audio mapping. I have a master .mov
file with 6 Mono tracks plus a stereo track. Per my customer
requirements, the output file needs to be ProRes HQ .mov  with the
audio configuration to be: 1-Left, 2-Right, 3-Center, 4-LFE, 5-Left
Surround, 6-Right Surround, plus Ch.7&8 Stereo. I'm not very
experienced with command line operations so please excuse me if I'm
not familiar with the terminology. Using ffmpeg version.

I'm on a mac with OS X el Capitan. I can type the following command
into terminal but my output file only contains the Stereo audio track.
If someone tell me how to modify this command it would be greatly

ffmpeg -i master.mov -c:v prores -profile:v 3 -acodec pcm_s24le ProResHQ.mov

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