[FFmpeg-user] Help, Transcoding video

NDJORE BORIS ndjoreboris at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 16:12:17 EET 2019

Hello Team,

I want to encode two times my input video file while decoding it juste one
I use doc/examples/transcoding.c
What I want to do is to decode and encode like the transcoding.c examples
Then, when I finished the decoding and encoding loop (while(1)).
I want to call only the encoding function again in an other loop to encode
a second time without
First time :
       if (there is a frame in the input file)
              decode input video;
              encode output file;
              next streamindex;


Second time :
{       encode another outputfile;

What I want to know, is if it's possible to do that (decode only one time
an input file in a whille loop and encode it two times).
If yes, can you tell me how to do it ?

To remind you I used doc/examples/transcoding.c which decode and encode
only one time.
What I want to do is to add an other while loop to encode a second time the
same input video.

I need your help please.

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