[FFmpeg-user] aresample=matrix_encoding=dplii output is still 5.1 ??

pehache pehache.7 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 17:44:58 EET 2019


I used to apply a Dolby Pro Logic II encoding this way :

"-af aresample=matrix_encoding=dplii -ac 2"

But I learned that "-ac 2" does a full downmix of the 5.1 stream, which 
is not what I want : after the DPL II resampling one simply want to 
extract the 2 (encoded) front channels and that's it...

The other question is: why the output of the DPL II encoding is still a 
5.1 stream, and not just a 2.0 stream ?

I'm a bit lost... and will appreciate any explanation.

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