[FFmpeg-user] Any way to detect loss of rtsp stream in ffplay?

discarn8 discarn8 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 30 19:30:30 EET 2019

I'm using multiple instances of ffplay, on a linux distro, to play multiple
rtsp streams from multiple security cameras.  However, due to the crowded
wifi environment I'm in and the 2.4ghz limitations of the cameras, I
occasionally drop / lose connection to one or more cameras, and thus lose
the rtsp stream.  Other than watching for motion or staring at the time
display in the stream, to see if it's still "ticking", I have no way to know
if the stream is active or not.  Barring switching to a UDP rtsp stream
(which provides for horrible video quality), is there a known, existing
error message or process flag that I can filter on, to be made aware of the
stream loss?  I've seemingly tried every warning level, but I don't see a
message alerting me to the stream drop.  ffplay just keeps on ticking.

Currently, I am stuck with scripting a shutdown and restart of ffplay every
1/2 hour, for the most common "offenders", but I'm thinking that someone
else must have crossed this bridge before, and resolved the issue.  


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