[FFmpeg-user] volume detect

juan carlos nerus492 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 22:39:25 EET 2019

hello moritz, sorry for taking a long time to answer, I have not had 
time to do it, I write to comment that the command you mention does not 
work, says -filter: v "volumedetect" invalid argument, this command is 
not the only one that has stopped work since version 4.0 has been 
released, the worst is that the documentation does not indicate it as 
obsolete. for example, if I wanted to transmit using ffmpeg 4.1 to a 
server ffserver 3, it could not be done either, since it would indicate 
to me an invalid argument, for example, if I wanted to broadcast a 
pre-recorded source:

ffmpeg -imput.mp4 http://ip:8090/feed1.ffm say invalid argument

but the documentation keeps saying that this can be done in that way, 
although it is not true since version 4 of ffmpeg, I have already found 
4 things that do not work as they should in version 4

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