[FFmpeg-user] volume detect

juan carlos nerus492 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 23:11:13 EET 2019

El 30/01/19 a las 20:51, Carl Eugen Hoyos escribió:
> 2019-01-30 21:39 GMT+01:00, juan carlos <nerus492 at gmail.com>:
>> hello moritz, sorry for taking a long time to answer, I have not had
>> time to do it, I write to comment that the command you mention does not
>> work, says -filter: v "volumedetect" invalid argument, this command is
>> not the only one that has stopped work since version 4.0 has been
>> released, the worst is that the documentation does not indicate it as
>> obsolete. for example, if I wanted to transmit using ffmpeg 4.1 to a
>> server ffserver 3, it could not be done either, since it would indicate
>> to me an invalid argument, for example, if I wanted to broadcast a
>> pre-recorded source:
>> ffmpeg -imput.mp4 http://ip:8090/feed1.ffm say invalid argument
> The ffm format does not exist anymore because ffserver was
> removed (the format was only relevant for ffserver).
> This is not related to the volumedetect filter.
> Carl Eugen
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Yes, I know that ffserver disappeared, but backward compatibility should 
follow, right?

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