[FFmpeg-user] hls output with EXT-X-DISCONTINUITY support

Felipe W Damasio felipewd at taghos.com.br
Mon Jul 1 22:33:24 EEST 2019

 Currently, ffmpeg supports starting a HLS output with EXT-X-DISCONTINUITY, 
which is useful.
 But I'm reading a continous input from MPEGTS RTP signal, which sometimes 
as a discontinuity in it.
 When this happens, ffmpeg stalls and stops. If it's in the range specified 
by dts_delta_threshold, it keeps going, though incorrectly from a HLS 
standpoint (because it doesn't emit a EXT-X-DISCONTINUITY when the change 
 Since this middle-discontinuity is supported by HLS (also by the input), 
could ffmpeg recognize this and emit the correct mark for the output?
 The example is pretty straightforward:
 ffmpeg -i rtp:// -c copy -f hls ...
 Felipe Damasio

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