[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg -i reports a video of length 03:17.53, but splitting into frames at 2 fps only results in one frame

St├ęphane Chauveau stephane at chauveau-central.net
Tue Jul 16 18:53:19 EEST 2019

Really? That is strange because your original log seems to indicate that 
mutiple frames are decoded.

Did you try to generate a raw file instead of using a pipe as shown in 
my first comment?
If so, what is the size of that raw file and can you successfully 
inspect its content using the ffplay command?

Also, you said that the files are playing fine in VLC. Did you try 
ffplay instead?

If VLC can read your files then the solution could be to use it to 
transcoding to another format.


On 7/16/19 4:33 PM, Griffin Smith wrote:
>> ffmpeg -i video.mpg  -s 640x480 -f rawvideo -c:v rawvideo -pix_fmt
>> yuv420p pipe: | ffmpeg -f rawvideo -framerate 25 -s 640x480
>> -pixel_format yuv420p -i pipe: -r 1 output/frame%06d.jpg
> Unfortunately this also results in only one frame. Thanks for the idea though.
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