[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg -i reports a video of length 03:17.53, but splitting into frames at 2 fps only results in one frame

Stéphane Chauveau stephane at chauveau-central.net
Tue Jul 16 22:08:49 EEST 2019

Right. I was under the impression that TB was not always available in 
setpts because I tried the incorrect formula 'N*TB" on a short video and 
I obtained pts=0 in all the frames. I forgot that TB is typically a very 
small value and that the pts is rounded down to an integer value. Facepalm!

> The constant TB is available, so to retime the stream as a 30 fps 
> stream, it would be
>     -vf setpts=N/30/TB
> If a framerate value has been set then
>     -vf setpts=N/FR/TB
> Gyan
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