[FFmpeg-user] missing a selected frame

Ulf Zibis Ulf.Zibis at gmx.de
Fri Jul 19 13:11:15 EEST 2019

Am 19.07.19 um 00:21 schrieb Ulf Zibis:
> Hi,
> my command is:
> ./ffmpeg -y -v warning -i debug/CYD_1.5m_x264.mp4 -vf
> select='eq(t\,10.16)+eq(t\,10.2)+eq(t\,10.24)+eq(t\,10.28)+eq(t\,10.32)+eq(t\,10.36)+eq(t\,10.4)+eq(t\,10.44)+eq(t\,17.52)+eq(t\,47.96)+eq(t\,49.08)+eq(t\,49.2)+eq(t\,55.72)+eq(t\,83.0)'
> -q 5 -c:a copy -vsync vfr debug/outsides/CYD_1.5m_x264_%02d.png

Wouldn't it be comfortable to allow a syntax like
"select='eq(t\,10.16\,10.2\,10.24)'" to select a collection of frames?
Additionally allowing the syntax from
https://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-utils.html#Time-duration for vf select(...)
would be nice, so one could write "select='eq(t\,1:23)'" instead


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