[FFmpeg-user] Retain audio track titles that are displayed in VLC

Ted Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 25 09:43:57 EEST 2019

> ffmpeg -i test.ts -map 0 -c copy test-ffmpeg.ts
> the title that was displayed for audio track 2 (visual impaired) is
> gone. VLC only shows the language for each track in the output file.
> I've attached the output of ffmpeg below.

This metadata isn’t actually a “title” per se, but what is called a disposition. What I mean is that It’s not text metadata, but a flag that marks the track as appropriate for “visually impaired” audiences.

I would have thought such metadata (and track disposition) would automatically get mapped over, but if it is not happening, you can set it using the -disposition option.

It’s a per-stream option, so for example, if you wanted to mark the second audio track with the visual_impaired disposition, you would add -disposition:a:1 visual_impaired to your command. (Streams are indexed starting from 0, so 0 for the first stream, 1 for the second, and so on.)

This info is in the man page if you have it compiled, and there are more dispositions listed there, so you might want to take a look.


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