[FFmpeg-user] New to FFmpeg - Require FFmpeg as memory interface

Anand Veerappan anandzone at gmail.com
Mon Jul 29 11:14:05 EEST 2019

Hi All

I am new user to FFmpeg which I downloaded the source and compiled in
Ubuntu 16.04 and could able to successfully trans code video files from
mp4  using H264 codec which internally uses libavcodec library.

This implementation works well for file interface (input file, output
file). But my need was to consume this trans code using memory stream both
input and output will be memory stream. I debugged the source code
ffmpeg.c(wrapper file) and notice it internally uses dependent libraries.

I have couple of questions kindly clarify and guide me in right direction.

1. Is there any ready made interface available for libavcodec to consume in
our native application? Like VLC and other player uses ffmpeg as memory

2. or else do I need to debug the ffmpeg.c source and need to trim the code

Please advise and share your views.

Anand V

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