[FFmpeg-user] Help with the ffmpeg parameter 'scale2ref' and -report

B James benjames888 at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 1 00:48:41 EEST 2019

I have added 'scale2ref' to my ffmpeg command (in the php web video script ffmpeg file) and it appears to be preventing the video from uploading/proceeding. So, I added in -report to see a report for a possible cause, but I am not clear on how/where to see the output/report:

$ffmpegCommand =''.$ffmpeg_b.' -y -i '.$video_file_full_path.' -i '.$watermark_image_full_path.' -filter_complex "[0]scale=426:-2[vid];[1][vid]scale2ref='oh*mdar':'ih/10'[wm][vid];[vid][wm]overlay=5:5:format=rgb,format=yuv420p" -vcodec libx264 -preset '.$pt->config->convert_speed.' -crf 26 -report'.$video_output_full_path_240.' 2>&1';

Any additional help with 'scale2ref' or proceeding with generating the -report is appreciated.

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