[FFmpeg-user] Change container/encoder used to create a file without re-encoding

Carlos M carlosmarc12 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 1 22:58:20 EEST 2019

Hello Carl, sorry for the error, i'm new on this encoding things and surely
i made a mistake.

What I'm trying is to get several videos that were remuxed, to it's
original state, with the same original metadata/headers. But i only have
one of those videos in original were i can get the original metadata/header

The format profile of the original video is "Base Media / Version 2" and
the format profile of the remuxed ones is "Base Media". I saw that i can
remuxed them again and get "Base Media / Version 2" passing the switch
"-brand mp42". But i'm still have other metadata difference.

To make the question simple what i want to do is
1) Remove the metadata "Writing application" that is being added when using
2) Add the metadata fields "Tagged date", "TIM", "TSC" and "TSZ". I tried
for example with
-metadata -tsc="1001"
-metadata -TSC=1001"
but it doesn't seem to work.

3) When using ffmpeg i see on the video stream that a "GOP" format setting
is added, not sure if i can be disabled.

By the way i'm gathering the video information with MediaInfo.

Thanks in advace

El vie., 31 de may. de 2019 a la(s) 19:01, Carl Eugen Hoyos (
ceffmpeg at gmail.com) escribió:

> Am Fr., 31. Mai 2019 um 04:45 Uhr schrieb Carlos M <carlosmarc12 at gmail.com
> >:
> > I have two video files that represent the same movie.
> > One of the files was encoded with the Lavf encoder and
> > the other one i think with the mpeg-4 part 2 encoder
> (Command line and complete, uncut console output missing)
> This makes no sense: lavf is not an encoder (but a muxing
> / demuxing library) while libavcodec does contain an implementation
> of an mpeg-4 part 2 encoder. The two cannot be compared as in
> above sentence.
> Carl Eugen
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