[FFmpeg-user] Change container/encoder used to create a file without re-encoding

Carlos M carlosmarc12 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 8 21:37:25 EEST 2019

> > Can you tell me if you know how can i avoid the "Writing application"
> > metadata header to be present and how to add headers like TSC that seems
> to
> > not be added with the example i writte before?
> MP4 doesn't support arbitrary metadata fields, unless you go through
> the MDTA field with the flag "use_metadata_tags":
> $ ffmpeg input -movflags +use_metadata_tags -metadata TSC=1001 output.mp4
> Thanks Moritz. So I tried with
ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -movflags +use_metadata_tags -metadata TSC=1001 -c copy

But the TSC is not added. It does remove though the "writing application"
information, that was one of the things i was looking.

I read somewhere that "-movflags +use_metadata_tags" is only for MOV, maybe
s not fully implemented for MP4?

The ffmpeg version i'm using is the 4.1.3 windows x64 version from

You still haven't told us what you actually want to achieve. What is
> this metadata used for?
> Unfortunately i don't have much more information besides what i already
mention, i was requested to convert some videos from mp41 to mp42 (some
kind of auditing/archiving reason but not entirely sure).
Those videos were originally mp42 and remuxed (without reencoding) to mp41.
I was provided only one of those videos in the original mp42 format to
check headers/metadata, with that video i found that video stream extracted
(without reencoding) from mp41 version is binary equal to the video stream
extracted (without reencoding) from the mp42 video version, and the same
for the audio streams, so basically there is a difference on
headers/structure only.

I know i will not be able to the same exact original version but i need to
get at least a mp42 file with the same headers/metadata. Do you know if
there is a proper tool to get a tue mp42 file without reencoding, being
ffmpeg seems to not support that? Or eventually how to get those metadata
that doesn't seem to be added with "-movflags +use_metadata_tags"?

Thank you so much

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