[FFmpeg-user] problems with astreamselect

Eric Ball eric.l.ball at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 02:19:30 EEST 2019

Thought I'd check with the mailing list before filing a bug report.

ffmpeg version 4.1.1-tessus on macOS 10.14.5

test.mp4 contains 3 streams :0 h264, :1 aac, :2 aac

ffmpeg -i test.mp4 -filter_complex:a "astreamselect=inputs=2:map=1" test.wav

ffmpeg locks up after producing minimal output.

(Yes, I know I can accomplish this with -map, but I want to use
asendcmd to change the map at set times.)

Adding -vn before -i doesn't help.  But if I extract the two streams
to individual wav files it works fine.

Eric Ball

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