[FFmpeg-user] rtp_mpegts metadata copying and pmt_pid/pcr_pid setting

Felipe W Damasio felipewd at taghos.com.br
Tue Jun 11 22:26:52 EEST 2019

Hi all,
 I've trying to use ffmpeg to replicate a signal from one multicast RTP 
(using MPEGTS) to another, just to act as a kind of mirror signal.
  I'm having to problems with this. First one is that the metadata isn't 
being copied. I understand that there's a bug[1] and even a proposed 
patch[2], but no final solution. Does any know how is this going?
 Also, the rtp_mpegts muxer is setting pmt_pid and pcr_pid  (using ffprobe 
-show_programs) to default values. 4096 and 256 respectively .I'd like to 
set them to the same value as the source (which is 598 and 801, if it 
matters). Usually this can be done using the mpegts muxer, but with 
rtp_mpegts there doesn't seem to be any option. Does anyone know how can 
this be done?
 We need this for a satellite encoder which requires the same values in 
order to detect the streams.
 Felipe Damasio
 [2] http://ffmpeg.org/pipermail/ffmpeg-user/2018-July/040417.html


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