[FFmpeg-user] Live feed from AMCREST IP camera

rajeev2301 rajeev.ranjan2301 at outlook.com
Sun Jun 16 02:12:56 EEST 2019


I am trying to get a live feed /RTSP stream from one of my Amcrest IP camera
- using ffmpeg to live stream into a browser. eventually I wants to use it
into  my OpenHab panel. 

I pretty much followed the insruction give in the attached link.


(with  excpetion that I don't know how to remove authentication for ONVIF-
in fact my NVR doesn't allow me to do that, may be due to security reason)

As per the instruction it says I need to replace the rstp url with what the
ipcamera  binding report for any ONVIF capabile cameras. I am not able to
figure our what need to be replaced. 

ffmpeg -rtsp_tranport tcp -i

anyway I modified the above command to
 ffmpeg -i

but when I launched it through raspberry pi console I got the following

[tcp @ 0x14993f0] Connection to tcp:// failed: No
route to host
rtsp:// No route to

Can soneone quickly help m eon this.. 

Note : I am trying to get the feed from  Amcrest ProHD Outdoor 3MP Wi-Fi
Vandal Dome IP Security Camera - IP3M-956B 



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