[FFmpeg-user] Question about file size changes

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Wed Jun 19 17:26:43 EEST 2019

Am Mi., 19. Juni 2019 um 02:54 Uhr schrieb David Shuman <d.shuman at att.net>:
>  In terms of which conversion is more valid which play quality would be
> closer to the original -- does the m2ts change less of the content when
> remixing than the mts as BDAV does not change to mpeg-ts  our would
> one consider the additional headers from m2ts to more of a quality
> change so mts provides a file more like the original again in terms of
> play quality?

There are several misunderstandings in this thread, I will try to explain
some of them (and repeat other explanations):
When you remux, you cannot change the quality of the media in the file,
this is simply not possible.
FFmpeg is not a file editor, so contrary to what some comments here
imply, you simply cannot remux and expect that the resulting file is
very similar to the original file, with only the changes you wanted. On
the contrary, the output file is always a new file with new properties,
some of them will be identical to the original file, others won't.
You already know that MediaInfo is not an ideal tool to find issues in
While there is indeed some BDAV writing support in the mpegts muxer,
I don't think it is complete.

Carl Eugen

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