[FFmpeg-user] drawgraph filter, color formats

JackDesBwa jackdesbwa at desbwa.org
Sun Nov 3 23:05:05 EET 2019

> > Well, in the documentation is a chapter about colors and the format is
> > described as 0xRRGGBB[AA].
> > However in the documentation for the drawgraph filter is written "The
> > color is defined as 0xAABBGGRR". So it's impossible to use the
> > predefined colors in this filter.
> > In the documentation should be a warning that the "bg" parameter must be
> > in 0xRRGGBBAA format.
> > But in my opinion changing the code is the better solution.
> Code will NOT be changed.

You are right!
When there is an obvious interface bug like this, especially when it
introduces inconsistency, it shall never be corrected.
PHP is a good example that this way of doing is a very successful path
without any downside at all.
Everyone should understand that code is the best specification and
bugs that don't make things crash are to be understood as special
features (that way, we gain a lot of time)
Moreover, backward compatibility is more important than correctness,
and it is up to the users to learn all the defects that might have
been introduced in the past and add extra code on his side to overcome
the corner cases of the software they use underneath.
Deprecating wrong ways to introduce nicer alternatives is so much
time-consuming that I wonder how the project which choose this can
handle the extra work.

Thus for sure, such silly proposition to correct this interesting kind
of features deserves a definitive answer with capital letters and no
explanation at all.

JackDesBwa :-/

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