[FFmpeg-user] Reducing video file size

Morten W. Petersen morphex at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 18:58:46 EET 2019

Hm. Well is it possible to get down to 6 MB per minute, 1 MB per 10 seconds?



man. 4. nov. 2019, 17:48 skrev Ted Park <kumowoon1025 at gmail.com>:

> > Which codec gives the lowest size?
> >
> > Let me ask in a different way, how can I encode a video to the smallest
> > possible size, while still discerning some movement?
> Now we’re getting somewhere. x264/x265 are like the de facto gold
> standards for the software encoders for the ITU/ISO/IEC codecs, h.265 is
> more efficient wrt file size, and vpx is comparable if you need/prefer OAM
> family.
> It still sounds like all you want to do is compress the video until it is
> fubar, is there a maximum limit on the size that you need it to be? Because
> then multi-pass encoding could be an option.
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