[FFmpeg-user] Reducing video file size

Ted Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 5 11:18:45 EET 2019

> There are different sources, with varying existing encodings, and
> resolutions. So those numbers were just thrown out there.
> How about 100KB per 10 seconds, or 1MB per minute? What's possible to
> squeeze in, or out there?

I really couldn’t say without knowing anything about the sources.

And regarding my comment about the numbers, I actually meant the units you used… (KB/10s?? MB/min?? I’ll admit I had to plug it into a calculator to get kbps lol)

If you have some samples I could throw it into a compressor queue and see what it looks like when it’s done (shouldn’t be to far off from the libs ffmpeg uses) but considering those bitrates are similar to halfway decent mp3 files ripped of cd’s iirc I would expect the quality to be somewhere between just barely tolerable and fubar.

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