[FFmpeg-user] overlay_cuda

JackDesBwa jackdesbwa at desbwa.org
Fri Nov 8 18:03:37 EET 2019

2019-11-08 16:27, Alex <3.14pi at ukr.net>:
> Thanks for answering. How much,  do you think it will be cost to develop overlay_cuda filter if we already have scale_npp, etc (cuda) filter for quick start?

As user only, I have no idea of the complexity of the task, and it
depends on the rate of the freelance you hire.
You first have to find some freelance (I know there exists platforms
but never used one, neither know a name of one) who has the abilities
to work on such project (which sounds not trivial, expect several days
because of environment setup, build times and tests in addition to the
implementation itself), and discuss with this person the price.
Depending of the developer you manage to find and their abilities and
experience, it might charge more or less and take more or less time.

I am afraid I could not help more here, I do not have experience in this domain.


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