[FFmpeg-user] Get Link Stream Output Error "Invalid data found when processing input"

all mylove allmylove6130 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 12 05:40:16 EET 2019

Dear FFmpeg Team,
I have 2 links stream in below but i can not use ffplay.exe to test or watch stream link.Can team help me check where the error is ?
My input in CMD windows:
ffplay.exe https://video.wikilady.vn/vod/_definst_/courses/wikilady/976ced4ac5f2bc5dd13ca50ffaf1dc34561beb951553832453/smil:playlist/ebd.m3u8?uid=0775667656

ffplay.exe https://video.wikilady.vn/vod/_definst_/courses/wikilady/976ced4ac5f2bc5dd13ca50ffaf1dc34561beb951553832453/smil:playlist/chunklist_w1728198335_b3024000_slvie.m3u8?uid=0775667656

Error output

 Best regards !

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