[FFmpeg-user] Continuity issues with multiple UDP output streams.

James E. Baird James.Baird at ccr.net
Tue Nov 12 21:24:23 EET 2019

To add to this, I did some further testing and it would seem the lower the bitrate I make the streams from the transmitter, the more streams I can have without continuity errors on the receiver side. I did a resolution change from 1080p to 480p and dropped the bitrate on my streams from 12000-14000K to 1500K (mpeg2 to mpeg2) and I could add 7 processes before I started seeing the streams having issues.

Using this command:
ffmpeg -i 'udp://@' -s 864x486 -b:v 1000000 -acodec copy -f mpegts 'udp://@'

Not sure if this helps anyone have a eureka moment.


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