[FFmpeg-user] Get Link Stream Output Error "Invalid data found when processing input"

all mylove allmylove6130 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 13 05:25:16 EET 2019

Thank for your reply.
I registered online course at wikilady.vn. I got 3 videos from this course. I wish i can download it to my SD card and put it into my phone to watch offline because my home have not internet. I searched on google for instructions "how to get m3u8 links". when i had link m3u8 i use ffplay to check, and ffmpeg to download it but it is not successful. I don't know which part I did wrong :( 
I got link m3u8 from my opera browser(inspect element > network tab > filter m3u8)

Inputffplay.exe https://video.wikilady.vn/vod/_definst_/courses/wikilady/976ced4ac5f2bc5dd13ca50ffaf1dc34561beb951553832453/smil:playlist/chunklist_w1728198335_b3024000_slvie.m3u8?uid=0775667656

Output[hls @ 000002126b82d300] Skip ('#EXT-X-VERSION:3')sq=    0B f=0/0[hls @ 000002126b82d300] Opening 'https://wikilady.vn/portal/sauth/976ced4ac5f2bc5dd13ca50ffaf1dc34561beb951553832453?wowzasessionid=1728198335&uid=0775667656' for reading[https @ 000002127053a380] HTTP error 403 Forbiddenq=    0B f=0/0[hls @ 000002126b82d300] Unable to open key file https://wikilady.vn/portal/sauth/976ced4ac5f2bc5dd13ca50ffaf1dc34561beb951553832453?wowzasessionid=1728198335&uid=0775667656[hls @ 000002126b82d300] Opening 'crypto+https://video.wikilady.vn/vod/_definst_/courses/wikilady/976ced4ac5f2bc5dd13ca50ffaf1dc34561beb951553832453/smil:playlist/media_w1728198335_b3024000_slvie_0.ts?uid=0775667656' for reading[hls @ 000002126b82d300] Opening 'crypto+https://video.wikilady.vn/vod/_definst_/courses/wikilady/976ced4ac5f2bc5dd13ca50ffaf1dc34561beb951553832453/smil:playlist/media_w1728198335_b3024000_slvie_1.ts?uid=0775667656' for reading[hls @ 000002126b82d300] Error when loading first segment 'https://video.wikilady.vn/vod/_definst_/courses/wikilady/976ced4ac5f2bc5dd13ca50ffaf1dc34561beb951553832453/smil:playlist/media_w1728198335_b3024000_slvie_0.ts?uid=0775667656'https://video.wikilady.vn/vod/_definst_/courses/wikilady/976ced4ac5f2bc5dd13ca50ffaf1dc34561beb951553832453/smil:playlist/chunklist_w1728198335_b3024000_slvie.m3u8?uid=0775667656: Invalid data found when processing input

Best regards !



    On Tuesday, November 12, 2019, 07:16:22 PM GMT+7, JackDesBwa <jackdesbwa at desbwa.org> wrote:  
 I am just an occasional user and I do not understand what your question
really is, but... did you see the big bold yellow "HTTP error 403
Forbidden" message? It might be part of the answer.

By the way, copy-paste the output instead of sending screenshot, and give a
better description of your question if you want answers.

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