[FFmpeg-user] Converting DVCPRO in AVI wrapper to .dv, missing audio stream

Joanna White pittschick at me.com
Wed Nov 13 18:05:26 EET 2019


> No, mediainfo is saying that your files is actually an Apple QuickTime MOV
> that someone (or an app) renamed to AVI. It's not AVI at all.

Thanks, of course! My predecessor was known for changing MOV to AVI, ashamed I forgot.
> Your ffmpeg command is just remuxing the DV stream as is. Some capture
> tools tend to copy the audio stream in the DV stream as a seperate track,
> but the seperate audio track is really just identical to what's in the DV
> stream.
But I’ve had sound DV files come through as silent on playback once converted? Twitter help suggested it might be the linear timecode / sync track that’s coming through.

Not to matter though, I’ve opted to rename MOV, so thanks for that wise suggestion.


> MKV will work but perhaps all you need to do is rename to MOV, document the
> action and leave it as is? Less risk and work that way.
> Best,
> Kieran.

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