[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg filters

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Fri Nov 15 18:27:15 EET 2019

On 11/15/2019 8:19 AM, Jim DeLaHunt wrote:
> It's a little bit harder to figure out your problem, because you are still 
> not supplying us the complete, unchanged, uncut command invocation. The 
> excerpt above does not include the token "ffmpeg.exe", which I'll bet you 
> had at the start of the command line. It includes eight newlines, and I'll 
> bet the actual command you entered had only one newline. It has a space at 
> the start of every line.

It's often better to use environment vars for long strings like filter 
graphs as you do any excaping when that's defined instead of in the command 

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