[FFmpeg-user] Reading LTC from an audio track?

Harvey Pikelberger communque at gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 00:20:51 EET 2019

I was just looking at it before you wrote.  And, all the better, we have some related arduino projects, so it may be just the thing.
But I haven't yet taken enough time to work out what language it is / how to implement.  What's x42?
Going on your note below -- makes it look very simple to get started.

Staying for a second w/ FFProbe -- do we know for sure that LTC interpreting / reporting is not a possibility?

Will test ltc-tools asap, and thanks again for the tip!

> On Nov 19, 2019, at 2:02 PM, Jim Shupert <jshupert at theppsgroup.com> wrote:
>> So the challenge actually is we don’t know the start TC.  In fact that’s really all we need.
> would this help?
> https://github.com/x42/ltc-tools
> https://github.com/x42/libltc/releases
> ltcdump -f 29.97 dog.mp4 2> /dev/null > dog.ltc.txt
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