[FFmpeg-user] Issue timelapse fps slowing down until reach 0 fps - thread_queue_size

Moritz Barsnick barsnick at gmx.net
Sat Nov 23 22:04:57 EET 2019

On Fri, Nov 22, 2019 at 21:53:29 -0200, Ivan Junckes Filho wrote:
> Hi guys, I am generating a timelapse of images, with a logo at the start
> and audio.
> I am having an issue with fps going down to almost 0 and not finishing the
> processing. I also get this message:
> [image2 @ 0x1cc28c0] Thread message queue blocking; consider raising the
> thread_queue_size option (current value: 8)
> frame=  388 fps=0.8 q=28.0 size=   13819kB time=00:00:16.50
> bitrate=6860.9kbits/s dup=0 drop=142365

Kindly always show us the complete, uncut console output of your ffmpeg

> The command I use is:
> ffmpeg -r 20 -i
> /home/timelapse/clientes/ctech_live/camera1/fotos/convert/frame%04d.jpg
>  -framerate 20000/1001  -loop 1 -i
> /home/timelapse/clientes/ctech_live/config/logo.png -i

I'm too lazy to reproduce[*], but would like to know why you give your
overlay logo a different framerate than the image sequence.

Also, "-r 20" doesn't work in the first input, as far as I can tell.
You ffmpeg console output should indicate 25fps.

> /home/timelapse/config/audios/audio2.wav  -filter_complex "[1:v]
> fade=out:st=3:d=1:alpha=1 [ov]; [0:v][ov]
> overlay=(main_w-overlay_w)/2:(main_h-overlay_h)/2 [v]" -map "[v]"
>  -filter:a "[2:a] afade=t=in:ss=0:d=5, afade=t=out:st=25:d=5" -map 2:a
>  -strict -2 -t 30
> /home/timelapse/clientes/ctech_live/camera1/timelapse/timelapse22-11-2019-21-44-57.mp4

You can't use both "-filter_complex" and "-filter". You can integrate
the audio filter expression into the "-filter_complex" expression
though, by adding another filter chain after a ';'.


[*] I did try to reproduce, but since I don't have your input, I'm not
seeing any issues.

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