[FFmpeg-user] No such file or directory in Android ffmpeg cli

Micael Silva micaelsilva at gmail.com
Mon Nov 25 13:36:11 EET 2019

On Mon, 25 Nov 2019, 00:47 fernando guerrero, <donfern4ndo at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, this is my first try in ffmpeg, and I'm trying in Android ffmpeg cli
> app.
> I want to embed subtitles in srt to an mp4 movie and return "no such
> directory or file"
> They are both in the same folder.
>  What I'm using is
> ffmpeg -i /internal storage/Download/blackkk.mp4 -f srt -i /internal
> storage/Download/blackkk.srt -c:v copy -c:a copy -c:s mov_text /internal
> storage/Download/blackkksub.mp4
> I want to know what I'm doing wrong
> Thanks
> __________________________________

If there is a space inside the nmme of the folder or file you have to use
quotes, otherwise it will be not understood by the system


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