[FFmpeg-user] mjpeg_qsv

Jon Cook jon.cook at cubicmotion.com
Tue Nov 26 15:54:48 EET 2019


I'm having a problem trying to encode using mjpeg_qsv. The command I'm
using is:

  ffmpeg.exe -y -i sample.avi -c:v mjpeg_qsv output.mp4

but it gives this error:

  [mjpeg_qsv @ 0000016fbde08240] Error submitting the frame for encoding.

Googling for that error shows up nothing. I've tried various different
pixel formats, but that did not help. I can encode using other Intel
accelerated codecs, like h264_qsv, without problem confirming the machine
has suitable hardware. I can also encode into regular mjpeg, but I need the
hardware acceleration Intel's mjpeg_qsv brings. If I use Intel's Media SDK
directly I can encode using hardware accelerated mjpeg.

Any suggestions on what may be causing the problem gratefully received,

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