[FFmpeg-user] Audio duration difference

Felix Muster felixjan.muster at icloud.com
Sun Oct 6 14:44:49 EEST 2019

Now I'm confused

>From my calculation:
Audio length: 5580.7 seconds
Video length: 133799/(24000/1001) = 5580.533292 seconds

>From the container:
Audio length: 5580.704 --> that is what ffmpeg tell me when I reencode the stream
Video length: 5580.575 --> Adobe Premiere Pro showed me 133799 frames, but the container metadata 133800/(24000/1001) = 5580,575. Don't know why there is a difference ...

And all audio streams of the blu-ray have an different duration:
English: 5580.704
Swedish: 5580.694

But this difference is only in the end, or not?

> Where did you get the original length from?  Is "133799" the number of video frames in the file?  Does the audio track start at the same time as the video track?  Is it the same length as the video track?  At least on a DVD the asnwer to the the last > 2 question is not guaranteed to be "yes".
133799 is the total frame number Premiere told me. I don't know if it start at the same time, I think so, otherwise it would be out of sync.

> Are you claiming you have corrected for both of those by trimming samples off in some program?
I didn't touch the stream only extracted from mkv which I've passthrough ripped from blu-ray disc.

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