[FFmpeg-user] Attempting to record video for download onto an Android tablet, experiencing what I think is encoding issues which mean i can't play the video on Android gallery.

JackDesBwa jackdesbwa at desbwa.org
Mon Oct 7 13:26:55 EEST 2019

> Suffice to say, I'm trying to record video from a pi and send the video
> through to a tablet for later playback.

I did not read the full text attentively, but do you know that you can
probably do this without encoding a second time with ffmpeg?
The raspivid utility has options to resize and choose the framerate (that
you seem to try to change) and uses the hardware encoder to output directly
in h264 in real time.
You can get a file as you do, but some people also use gstreamer to stream
the video to the phone/tablet which might be useful depending on what you
want to do ultimately.


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