[FFmpeg-user] Create a video from a large number of time-lapse photos?

John Dexter jdxsolutions at gmail.com
Wed Oct 9 16:15:42 EEST 2019


I am creating time-lapse photosets consisting of thousands of images. I
would like a simple way to convert these into a video file - specifying a
few parameters only like fps - but am finding basic tools (like iMovie) are
really struggling with the number of files and just hang.

Can someone tell me if this is something ffmpeg would be suitable for, and
if so give any example commands and/or general advice? For instance, photos
tend to be quite high resolution and working naively, I end up trying to
create a 4k movie, so perhaps I should use another tool to batch-resize
images first, or maybe ffmpeg can even do that on the fly.

Many thanks for any assistance.

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