[FFmpeg-user] Where to cut audio by video frame?

Felix Muster felixjan.muster at icloud.com
Thu Oct 10 19:35:11 EEST 2019



I want to cut the audio from a scene of a movie (blu-ray 23.976 pfs).

I want to create the cut from frame 2928 to 5177.

Currently I don't know where I have to cut the audio to be accurate.

Is the given command correct?


ffmpeg.exe -i audio.flac -ss (2928/(24000/1001)) -t
(5177/(24000/1001))-(2928/(24000/1001)) -codec flac audio_cut.flac

ffmpeg.exe -i audio.flac -ss 122.122 -t 93.80204167 -codec flac


And from the documentation I should use -ss as an output option to be
accurate. But what is with -t? As input or output?




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