[FFmpeg-user] trimmed audio has wrong duration

Felix Muster felixjan.muster at icloud.com
Thu Oct 10 20:45:41 EEST 2019

I use -ss and not -t.
But thanks for the info.

I can bypass the problem with -codec flac.
Then it is accurate.

But it is strange anyway:

_ffmpeg.exe -i _audio.flac -t 10 -codec copy _audio_2.flac
—> it shows me 9.98
_ffmpeg.exe -i audio_2.flac -f null -
—> but encode is 10.08

_ffmpeg.exe -i _audio.flac -t 20 -codec copy _audio_2.flac
—> it shows me 19.96
_ffmpeg.exe -i audio_2.flac -f null -
—> but encode is 20.06

And so on ...

_ffmpeg.exe -i _audio.flac -t 10 -codec flac _audio_2.flac
—> 10.00
Always accurate.

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